Over the past few years The Process Void has released a series of experimental albums and EPs.


“Sydney based musician Alex J. Wise has been producing music and experimenting with sound since 1995. Alex’s early ventures entailed cassette recordings consisting of a couple ghetto blasters, sauce pans, triangle, and whatever he could find around the house.The next few years brought new musical collaborators and new gear into the mix, giving rise to a period of rhythmic, sample-based compositions under the pseudonym VOD. From 2001 to 2003 Alex teamed up with Garry Bradbury (Winner/Sweden/Size/Severed Heads) and the duo paired dark textures with a fatter, bass drum driven sound. Though the project reached a point of notoriety, the partnership was put on hold for a variety of professional and personal commitments. In 2003 Alex founded The Process Void project with the idea to expand in a more synthetic direction. The Process Void’s music involves melodic synth and bass lines fused with hard-edged guitars, dense atmospheres and punk vocals. The Process Void performed a number of live shows in Sydney and Melbourne and released the following albums: ‘Arcane Matter’ (2005) and ‘Staat Des Zerfalls’ (2009). Alex has also remixed for other artists including ‘Angelspit’, ‘Tycho Brahe’, ‘Tech romance’, ‘Empty’ and ‘GreyPlaces’. Since 2013 Alex has been experimenting with soundscapes and orchestral based music. This was demonstrated in the track ‘Deserted Landscapes’ which appeared on the Clan analogue compilation ‘Intone: Voice Abstractions’. Sound sources on this piece was Alex’s voice and vocal noises. Currently Alex is preparing a new Process Void E.P. for release titled ‘Dreams of Departure’ in 2017.”