There was a time you thought you knew someone
You thought they were king of the universe
But there comes the day you see the mask fall off
The garden’s turned and all you see is dirt


Wash it away and get away
Don’t try to flog a dead horse now
Wash it away and get away
Eliminate, eliminate

No connection, only agitation
Force a smile but the frown remains
No inspiration you only feel frustration
Living a lie but you cannot hide the truth



You were young and you thought you could break new ground
Revolution and paradise in sight
Then you saw the world and innocence took a dive
Now the party’s over and you’ve seen it all before


The stars in your eyes
Where did they go?
Now it’s come to this
Where do you go?
The stars in your eyes
Where did they go?
Constellation, disappear from view
Constellation, black sky in view
The stars in your eyes
Where did they go?
Now it’s come to this
Where do you go?
You’d never thought you’d be where you are
Is this the final stage?
Is it time to dream up a new way of life?
The dope got the better of you and you fell of the horse
Pick up the pieces and try to start again



You’re in disgrace
Want to leave this state
But you cannot find no answers
Seems to be the way
Victim of mistakes
Is there any end to this?


Try to reach the pipe dream
Racing to the sun
An island far from reach
Racing to the sun

Can I break the wall?
Or am I fighting a war?
A soldier stuck, caught in a trap
Got to leave this place
Before it’s way too late
Alarm bells ringing, get a move on quickly

You’re in disgrace
A fall from grace
It’s hard to find a way out
The maze in your head
Set in stone
Is it the case?


Dying Machine

You’d never think this would come
Safe and sound as it seemed
Now the bad news rears its ugly head
A new reality is here for you
Stuck in a time without progression
Jump the rope, land on your face
Sinking ship, will you survive
Act now or drown


Dying machine
Days gone by
Dying machine
Fading from view

Can you make it now or can’t you
Before it all falls down
Months pass before you know
Running faster every day


Dreams of Departure

A man awakens from his sleep
Horrors of the world stalking his mind
He walks out the front door
Facing the day like the one before
Commuting to the city
Crowds of people claim the space
Walk into the office
Awaiting sheets of content


Dreaming of departure
Need to find a new path
An old way past the use by date

His days ruled by KPIs
Will he meet the target
Working hard to make ends meet
Will he survive?
Waiting for the paycheck
For the money already spent
Focus on the process
Or zone out and hit the streets

Worn down by obligations
Life in a concrete jungle
Competition rules and divides
He dreams of a different place
Wilderness in mind
Cut the cord and disappear
He heads to the forest
Put it all behind